F***k You McCain – Enough of this B*** S*** – Let’s Get Back to Issues!

Finally! Did you ever think you’d see the day where a Democrat actually called out the crappy campaign tactics of a Republican beyond the tepid unemotional response we have gotten since Dukkais in 1988? Obama is standing up and we all better take note he ain’t your old style Democrat.

His emotional, well thought-out response to the pig lipstick is exactly what we Democrats have been praying he or any of our candidates would do for years – NOT TAKE AN ATTACK LYING DOWN. Did McCain and the GOP wake up a sleeping tiger? Did they poke and prod too much? Only time will tell, but at least we Democrats finally feel like we got the pitbull in the game that the Republicans have been bringing for years – not the Lab that has always been a good companion but a lousy fighter.

The brilliance of his response is even deeper. He didn’t just say this wasn’t true or call McCain names – NO. He said true to his message of change and hope…and to his response. He used emotion and anger to call out the BS, but focused on why – because we are getting away from the issues. He was saying F-U McCain, let’s talk the real deal. No Democratic candidate for President (not even Clinton) has shown that emotion. He was saying – if I am going to lose, it will be on my terms…not theirs.

For too many years, us Democrats and our candidates wake-up on the wrong side of the bed the morning after an election. The whole election we keep saying, ‘The American people are sick of the negativity’. We act above it and get shocked that we misjudged the American people. It’s not that they like negativity…but when it’s forced down your throat for so long, you start to internalize it. Obama is different. He is saying the same thing – the American people are sick of this. But he is getting them angry about it and reminding him how petty it is. That, is something we haven’t seen before.

Will it work? Who knows. If it does, he can’t lose. There is no way for the GOP to recraft their message in 55 days, if the American people buy Obama’s argument. But you know what? If they don’t, they truly don’t believe issues matter.


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