I Told You So – But Have No Desire To

Ugh!  This a quick bit of a rant at my brethren – the Obama supporters.  Last week, when the polls when soft on Obama, suddenly everyone was turning on Obama and saying he was blowing the campaign and wasn’t was too stoic on the attacks from the Republicans.  Additionally, they were bemoaning Sarah Palin.

But guess who didn’t do that?  Yep – me!  Don’t believe me?  It’s all documented in my posts:

September 13th – Obama Wins post.  Posted at the height of the paranoia, I described the bounce would go away, Obama would continue to remain confident and the swing would come.

September 12th – Do the Polls, Pundints, and Predictions Matter?  I state that no one knows where the election is going.  For people to get hopped up on what the polls or pundints were saying then would be outdated a few days later.  I think the economy proved that theory.

But my predictions don’t make me happy.  They, to me, were obvious.  I am also not going to get too high, because the tide could turn again.  But what really frustrates me is everyone is talking like last week didn’t happen, that they never had any doubts Obama would regain his footing.  The lack of faith last week and the acceptance of where things stand this week bothers me.  First, Obama needs – REAL supporters who won’t say the sky is falling at the first sign of bad news.  You need a tough stomach for this election, Obama has it and what he doesn’t need is a lot of people projecting negative energy into the campaign.  Second, it shows me a lack of understanding that the general populous – including many politicians – have about who Obama is and the cyclical nature of a Presidential election.

As I stated in my posts last week, the approach Obama needs to take is to be as calculated and unemotional as he has been since he was down 20 points in the primaries.  Unemotional means in his strategic planning, not in the campaign rhetoric.  There are going to be tough patches to come – revisiting old issues, gaffs, October suprises, and general swings.  But the stronger his supporters are and if they continue to remain passionate, the campaign has a better chance of prospering.

So did any good come out of last week? Yes, it scared the hell out of the Democrats and they pumped more money into the campain.

My prediction?  It’s going to be an election that one candidate will start to emerge with a relatively comfortable lead.  Most likely this will occur after the first debate.  My money is on Obama, but I am very subjective.

As to the whys? I will leave that for another post.


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