Reporters and McCain Supporters – Uneducated

This would be too funny, if it wasn’t so scary.  We have reporters who aren’t even familiar with the term ‘Keating 5’, let alone understand how McCain was involved with the S&L disaster during the last Republican stretch in office.  To not even have heard the term Keating 5, and to cover a political story involving McCain is unconscionable for a credible reporter.

Fast forward to part 2.  They say the Democrats are more educated and informed.  This McCain supporter can’t explain one point as to why he supports McCain.  This is why the Country is having the problems it currently is going through.  This is how George Bush wins but Al Gore and John Kerry are better president materials.  Ignorance is bliss.  A vocal supporter cannot express why he supports his candidate? Good grief, at least say it’s 26 years in the Senate and knowing Washington or his military service.  Hell, I’ll even take him saying Obama ,with 4 years on the National stage, is inexperienced.  But this guy has no clue.  And that, my friend, is why the best candidate doesn’t win.


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  1. I’ll tell you why they cannot verbalize why they are voting for McCain- or should I say, why they will not verbalize the real reason why they are voting for McCain….because he is not black. Hands down, knee-jerk reaction from close-minded, change-fearing, and racist middle America. Those who cannot broaden their mind in even the slightest manner are voting with their “tribe”- so he is voting for McCain because the melanin-deficit found in McCain’s skin is more similar to his own. It’s skin, Just skin. It’s taboo, so they won’t talk about it, and it’s just appalling, and so sad in 2008 America. Do we REALLY think differently than we did in 1968, or are we just pretending. See

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