Don’t RE-ELECT Pelosi (and I am a Democrat)! Don’t Re-Elect and GOP against the Bill

“We’re all worried about losing our jobs. Most of us say, ‘I want this thing to pass, but I want you to vote for it—not me.'” said Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis (note – see my other post for the most honorable quote of the day).  It’s great to see how ‘working for the people” means taking care of yourself first.  See, by re-election, they ensure they will draw a 169K salary per year – guaranteed for two years.  The recession won’t affect them directly and they won’t worry about losing their job – at least for now.  But, we are allowed to lose ours (25% of us during the Great Depression). It is abundantly clear that all of Congress recognizes the dire warning provided by many economists and investors, including the highly respected Alan Greenspan and Warren Buffett, to pass this bill.  Yet, they acted in their interest, rather than the People’s interest.

Every single last one of those who didn’t support it – Democrats and Republicans – should be fired…not re-elected.  Most Democrats supported the measure.  Good.  But those who didn’t, should feel the pain of most working Americans.  Let’s be clear, as Representative Paul Ryan stated, they believe it is necessary but they don’t want to do it.  Talk about not working for middle-class Americans.   It comes down to selfishness.  I truly believe that those who supported this measure would be rewarded in the end.  Regardless, most of these Congressmen have fall back jobs they can return to after Congress.  Most Americans, if they lose their jobs, will have trouble finding others.  If everything is as dire as the experts claim, than they are playing with the health of our Country for many years to come.  How many banks must fail – another one today in Wacovia – before they ‘get it’.

Sure, voters may be against the bill and they ‘listen’ to the voters – now, but not on many issues.  Sometimes you need to act in the best interest of the Country – especially when the issue is confusing and complicated.  But also realize, that those who are disgruntled about the bill, will significantly outweigh those who are happy when contacting their Representives.  There are plenty of citizens out there scared and want direction and guidance from our leaders – not more partisan fighting.   The only silver lining is that most of these representatives have significant holdings on Wall Street and the value of their assets are going down.  I am hoping that their pain will make them wake up, since they won’t operate in the best interest of this country, maybe they will continue to act in their self-interest.

Oh, and Nancy Pelosi SHOULD NOT BE RE-ELECTED.  To have worked in such a bi-partisan manner, to expect the Republicans to take a lot of this on the nose, and to have such a tenuous voting block and to come out and rail against the GOP and praise the Democrats? Sorry, that stupid, idiotic, selfish, pig headed and any other term for it.  There is plenty of time to play politics, but to do it with the fate of our economic and possibly social future hanging in the balance doesn’t make any sense.  She is no better than any Republican – including McCain who used this as a window for politics.

If you ever wonder if I’d call out a Democrat.  Well…here ya go.


5 Responses

  1. Ummm…I’ got a newsflash for ya: democrats ultimately killed the bill… Look it up if you need to. It was a pretty bi-partisan effort, actually… but, the numbers tell no lies. It was your precious democrats who “did it”.
    And, furthermore- this bill and the people backing it are criminals. You’re pointing your gun in the wrong direction, babes.
    Why in the name of boston creme filling would you want to support a bill to bail out the hedge fund cowboys and crooked investment bankers that got us here in the first place (and on purpose, at that)?!
    They raped our economy and left it on the side of the road, bleeding…and you SUPPORT bailing them out? I don’t understand how you can start calling for people’s jobs and heads…when it is these people who are protecting the taxpayers (which are like…uh…worthless to democrats, anyway…I guess).
    Ultimately…the thing that will stop this economic Chernobyl…will be stopping the crooks behind it… which, they’re lining Obama’s pockets with cash…so….if you get your wish, and he is elected… plan on these sorts of things to happen ALLL the time.

  2. Everyone is entitle to their opinion. Enjoy yours.

  3. Liberal Crab needs to do some homework. 40% of the Democratically controlled House voted against the bill. That’s not an opinion, that’s a FACT.

    I thought the bailout was stupid, and contacted my House Rep and Senators and said if anything of this sort came up for a vote, they could count on vote come election time ONLY if they voted against it. Therefore, my House Rep will not be getting my vote come election time.

  4. TomJoe – I did do my homework:

    In that post I mention 60% of the Democrats supported, while only 33% of the Republicans supported.

  5. And you don’t think that that 40% of Democrats didn’t kill the bill? Amazing, especially when they control the House.

    If not, it definitely goes to show that Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank and the others have no actual pull within the Party and … need … to … go.

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