Obama Showing True Leadership Today

Mr. Obama was on the Floor of the Senate today speaking for the bailout package.  As the leader of his party, he felt it important to go on record on the Floor to address the vote tonight.

Mr. McCain, who dropped everything to screw up the original bill and did not stay until a deal was worked as he promised and couldn’t deliver votes from his party – for which he now leads, did not address the chamber.

Score another point for Obama being in DC for 1/2 the day and actually on the ground trying to ensure the votes were there to pass.  At the same time, McCain wasn’t in DC….

Who is showing leadership? Hmm….


One Response

  1. I personally think that Obama is a puppet. I think he does and says what his advisers and party tell him that he should. It seems to me that the democrats always choose someone whom they can lead and the republicans always choose someone who will lead.

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