Palin’s Head is about to Explode

Apparently the right wing reviews of her performance last night are going to her head.  First came the news that she disagrees with the McCain campaign decision not to compete in Michigan.  Then comes word that she was ‘irritated’ by Katie Couric.

So, let’s rewind here.  Two days ago everyone was complaining she should step down and she barely could keep it together in her interviews.  90 minutes and a day of the GOP blowing sunshine up her…. and she thinks she is Ronald Reagan.  If I was John McCain, I’d be a little worried – seriously.  A couple of weeks ago she said the Palin-McCain campaign.  At the time, I thought it was just a accidental slip.  But, as Freud would say (a nod to my wife), there are no accidents and perhaps she is already thinking in that vein.  I mean, John McCain is 72 years old.  Are there other examples of her ‘craziness’? Well, yes there are:

1) In an interview she mentioned that her favorite Vice President was Bush Senior, because he went on to be president.  (note Biden mentioned Lyndon Johnson, who also became president – but that’s not why Biden cited him)

2) She wants to expand the power of the Vice Presidency and overstep the principals of checks and balances (as well as the Constitution) and be ‘more involved’ in the legislative process (per the debate)

3) During the debate she had no problem saying she’d change policies if she would take over the presidency if some unfortunate event incapacitated McCain.  This is unlike Biden who said he’d continue the policies of the man elected to the office by the people (something similar to what Lyndon Johnson did in 1963/1964 after the Kennedy assassination).

4) She has been complaining, internally, about her lack of visibility beyond the traditional campaign stops

Not only is she not intelligent, but she is an ego maniac and delusional.  This is starting to go beyond just funny or a little scary – the idea that there is actually a chance of her going to the White House should be considered a horror.

However, during this race, I’m really not that worried if she wants more exposure.  Her ego is built upon a false sense intellectual security that has been cultured and reinforced by her campaign aides and Republican supporters.  She really believes she is the savior of the Republican party and is qualified to become president.  If she wants more visibility and more control – let her!  If she wants to go to Michigan – let her!  If she wants more interviews – let her!  It is obvious to anyone who is not invested or blinded by the Republican party she is clueless.   One Katie Couric interview destroyed her.  Another similar performance or huge blunder, and the McCain campaign will not survive.  If she thinks she knows better than McCain’s campaign strategists who think that Michigan really isn’t necessary for McCain to win, then let her waste time in the state.

addendum: By the way, I think it’s more than a little funny that the way Palin found out that they were pulling out of Michigan was through the newspaper.  So, apparently, she is so sequestered she can’t communicate outside and doesn’t get information inside.


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