WOW – Best Speech of the Year

 It wasn’t Obama, Biden, Clinton or even McCain or Palin.  If this doesn’t get you slightly emotional, as a liberal, I do not know what will. Please leave comments – I want to know what readers think of this speech.  Please pass this on either via my website or directly via Youtube:


One Response

  1. Paul, this man should be running for president. It did make me emotional, it did bring tears to my eyes, it brought back memories of the 60s where you heard speeches like this all the time. This is the kind of speech that would have come from Robert or Ted Kennedy.

    Someone should send this man’s speech to the Obama campaign, maybe they can lift something from it and put it on TV.

    This was truly amazing, and it made me believe that we can make a difference by voting for Obama. We should send a think link to anyone we know who is sitting on the fence as to who to vote for in less than one month from now. We cannot let McCain and the nitwit Palin win this election, the future of my grandchildren are at stake.

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