Keating 5 Expose: Monday at Noon

Straight after Karl Rove’s heart: Here is a website from the Obama campaign that will be posting a documentry on the Keating 5 tomorrow.  If you go to the website, review it, and then pause and think about it – the Obama campaign didn’t put this together in five minutes.  It’s taken some planning.  I’ve heard the term rope-a-dope several times tonight on different strategies within the Obama campaign.  Did they choreograph all this over the last month?  Wow – talk about staying in front of issues!  I suspected they’d be ready for McCain – but not THIS ready.  It’s like McCain walked right into their trap.

I do caveat though – they need to be careful.  What they don’t need is to look like the aggressor and give McCain ammo to say that Obama doesn’t want to talk about the issues.  That could sinificantly hurt them, if they don’t play this right.


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