Dangerous Undertones Forming within the McCain/Palin Campaign

A tremendously insightful, if not down right scary article was published today in the The Huffington Post: Obama Hatred At McCain-Palin Rallies: “Terrorist!” “Kill Him!” (VIDEO)

The gist of the article is there is some blatant hate projecting it’s self out of the McCain/Palin campaign.  The concern right now isn’t whether McCain is consciously endorsing the behaviour of his audience.   Rather, it’s the responsibility he has for allowing the racism, prejudice, and hatred to develop and if he’s willing to absolutely denounce the developing rhetoric.  This is a very dangerous situation developing and one that may imperil this nation beyond the economic issues that are front and center at the moment.  The mood of this country is sour and persuasion that these issues are caused by others is an outlet some may enjoy progressing.  I’m sorry but I do not believe I am over the line in stating that the undertones running within the McCain campaign.  The current distress of our economy is providing a 1930’s Nazi Germany platform for blaming others and cultivating a condition of hatred and finger pointing to boost popularity.  The similarities are even more striking if you think about how controlled the media coverage is by the McCain/Palin campaign.  Another article article from a blogger at Tampa Bay.com is discussing that they even controlling the press access to supporters at the rallies.  Seriously, the underpinnings of fascism can be observed.

Americans are frustrated.  There are two ways to deal with that frustration, as a campaign.  Your choice is either to explain the issues, develop a solution, and bring the country together to overcome the problems or divide the country and point fingers.  It’s obvious that McCain is not trying to unite the country.  You can debate whether or not he is intentionally creating this dangerous social environment that is developing, but regardless he owns personal responsibility.  Obama continues to try an focus on the issues and figure out a way to unite the country.  Unfortunately, hate and blame is a much easier sell than hope, unity and personal responsibility.

Palin is demonstrating that she is the absolute epitome of the extreme right-wing conservative hate mongerer that many believed she would be.  She is vindictive, tunnel visioned, incapable of rallying behind issues rather than hate rhetoric, and a religious fanatic.  You hear it in the tone of her voice and the words she uses.  I’ve written previously how she is an uncontrolled maverick within the McCain campaign.  She is down right dangerous.  It is her rhetoric that is primarily responsible for the tone of hatred being espoused by the campaign.

McCain owes it to the country he has fought so hard for and defended so vigorously to denounce these epitaphs of hatred.  His response to his supporters calling Obama a terrorist or that he be killed should be a vehement railing against those ideas.  In his heart, McCain doesn’t believe Obama is a terrorist.  The question left is whether there is enough moral judgement within McCain’s character to understand how he and Palin are responsible and be able to tone down the anger.  Our country is in an economic crisis right now, I call on Senator McCain to ensure we don’t slip into a social crisis too.


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