The Dude is Awesome – Now the Obama tax Calculator

Can I just say Obama rocks?  Check out his newest website:

Obama-Biden Tax Calculator

Seriously? The guy is on the ball. He set this up to counter any attacks by McCain tomorrow about ‘raising taxes’.  I just wish he’d waited one more day so that McCain can’t counter.

Please PLEASE PPLEEAAASE send this to everyone you know – Republicans and Democrats.  If people vote by their wallet..this may change their mind.

McCain keeps stating that Obama will raise taxes on someone making 42K/year.  WRONG – Obama will save them $1000 and McCain will save them $300.

What about the typical middle class – 60K, two kids, and a mortgage of 180K?  Obama will save them $1800 and McCain $645

Ok, what if I do really well – make 200K, two kids, both working, 300K mortgage?  Hmm, I will save $800 and McCain will save me $200

I think we’ve hit the broad spectrum.  Oh, we didn’t do above 250K.  McCain will give you a tax break but you won’t get one under Obama.  Guess the rich lose.


3 Responses

  1. I passed the Obama calculator on to everyone I know!

  2. Obam’s tax plan sucks!!! Wake up idiot liberals!!!!!!

  3. Doesn’t add up, figure it out for yourself, a person filing married with 3 children and making only $20,000 will get a tax savings of $1000. That person does not pay any taxes now so this must be a give-a-way right? Redistribution of wealth? not really because the people that will truely pay the price are not wealthy, just average taxpayers.

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