The Sun Also Rises in the McCain Campaign!

My opinion of Senator John McCain’s campaign is that it is one hate-filled exercise that is bringing out the worst in a lot of his supporters.  However, occassionally there are bright spots.  I’m not talking about McCain standing up for Obama when he was called an Arab.  No, I’m talking about his supporters pushing back against the hate mongering going on outside of the McCain rallies.  Let’s roll the video:

I don’t know if McCain’s people were truly behind the gentleman who initially confronted the hate mongers, but what was impressive was that he and a group of others were able to push out the bigots.  Kudos to the McCain supporters and kudos to the McCain campaign, if they were responsible.  Credit should be received, where credit is deserved, regardless of which side of the political isle you sit. 

However, McCain and Palin have created a signficant problem with anger  that has come out in these rallies.  In order to demonstrate the repudiation of these idiots, they must strongly come out against these supporters.


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