Democrats’ Outlook: Gloomy

This a great article entitled Democrats’ Gloom Deepens.  I think it mixes some humor with reality on how Democrats think.  In fact, there not one example of Democratic fear that I do not hold or many of those that I know do not hold. It is also a refreshing perspective for us worriers about the true state of this election.

The media, and Obama, have been discussing complacency by Democrats.  What I’ve heard from every single one of my fellow Democrats is that they are scared.  They are worried that there will be an October surprise, they are worried that McCain will get his act together, they are worried this country is still not ready to elect a black candidate.  What I realize is that it isn’t the Democratic supporter that feels this way, it’s the John Murtha’s who are talking about ‘red necks’ in PA, or the Charlie Schumers who is predicting victory,  or Joe Biden talking about what will happen early in an Obama administration.

It’s not that they may stop working for victory – not as long as Obama is on the attack and on his game.  But it’s the perception it exudes.  Again, it’s not that Democrats will not go out to the polls – they will in record numbers because they are scared we might lose this election.  It, however, will act as a rallying cry to the conservative base – a wake-up call.  To the fickle independents they may not like smugness of the Democrats or, worse, they really start thinking about a Democratic majority in Congress and the Executive Branch.  As Obama said last week: “Don’t underestimate the capacity of Democrats to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Don’t underestimate our ability to screw it up.”

Stark pictures can be drawn to how we’ve been able to do that in the past (thanks to CNN for the reminder) – There was 1988 when Dukakis drove a tank or 2004 when Kerry was windsurfing and used as fodder for flip flopping.  No one can forget 2000 when, regardless of whether he really won or lost, it was a closer race than it should have been.  2000 and 2004 are real stingers in the sides of Democrats – both years our party when into the final days with an opportunity to win and couldn’t do it.  That’s why nothing should be taken for granted.  Volunteer, donate, talk – these are the things the supporters must continue to do over the next 13 days to guarantee victory.


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  1. This is probably the first election that blogging will play a role – quite an important role too, given how partisan much of the media is and how little of the news some younger and older Americans watch as a result.

    As you say, nothing can be taken for granted though – blogging isn’t enough. Volunteer, volunteer. volunteer! Who wants four more years of the same? The world doesn’t – do Americans?

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