Wow – Am I a Seer? (tooting my own horn part II)

I wrote an article on 13 September that was representative of an article that would be written after the election – November 5th.  I knew the article was holding strong, but I didn’t realize how accurate it still was. Here are some points from the article (written when Obama was down in the polls and sniping had begun):

1) Obama would not get in the mud with McCain, he’d continue to stay on message

2) Focus would be soley on the economy (this was before the collapse)

3) Palin’s star would fall but the GOP would continue to focus on her as the hope

4) Collin Powell would be a supporter of Obama

5) Obama stayed cool and collected and didn’t rush to being ‘erratic’ when things weren’t looking so good

6) Palin would hold her own in the VP debate

The only thing I was really off was maybe Obama was a little stronger in the debates and I mentioned one Palin gaffe – rather than a whole host of them.

Anyway, interesting read:

I also predicted the election wouldn’t be as close as initially expected.  Who knows if that will be true. But six weeks ago, I didn’t hear anyone saying that and today, Obama stands with a 7-10% lead and potentially up to 400 Electoral Votes.  Hmm, I may be right again.


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