Sunday Polls – Mid-Day Update

Just looking at some of the polls that were released today.  Weekends are slow.  However, Gallup (2 polls), Zogby, Hotline and Rasumssen released polls – all of them a rolling average for the last three days.  The average lead for Obama is 7 points.  If you take out the upper and lower extremes, he’s still at about 7 points. He is over 50% and undecideds are 7%.

I also did another examination – if you use the Margin of Error to the extreme in both directions (which basically doubles the effect), Obama would still have a 2 point lead.

The polls really haven’t closed at all.  Weekends, as we have seen for the past few weeks, tend to be Obama’s softest polling days.  This is probably because of the young demographic he pulls, among other reasons.


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