The Plea and Advertisement

While the popularity of The Liberal Crab at an all-time high (we’ve quadrupled our daily visitors in the last week), I wanted to advertise the site a bit.

Politics is a love and passion of mine and this site has been an outlet for my very definite views I have had  during this campaign.   This site will not go dormant on November 5th.  The site will transition to a place that will keep everyone involved with understanding the larger issues facing our Country and opinion as to the best way forward.  As has been the premise of the site, we will continue to present issues in a layman’s format with clear supporting arguments (with facts) to make our case.  I’d also like to make it destination for guest bloggers to present their opinions.

Please continue to check back, please continue to pass on to friends (word of mouth has been working well) and please use the comment section if you have thoughts and ideas how I can make the site more robust.  I am looking to move the site out of WordPress which will provide much more flexibility to design and content.

Finally, I am looking for guest bloggers, please feel free to drop me an email or a comment if you’d like to be presented on the site.  Again, thanks for everyone’s support – the site truly has grown in the last couple of months and I appreciates everyone’s visits.

Keep checking back as the site will be updated through the Election day.


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