I am absolutely excited about the outcome of this election.  As a Democrat, I never ever let myself believe it would actually occur and what it would mean.  At 9:30 last night, I knew he had won – there simply wasn’t sufficient votes available to put McCain over the top.  It was nice to have the Champagne ready at 10:58pm, because you knew with the announcement of Californiat at 11:00, the race was over.

In the end, I was a bit surprised at how quickly this election ended, but it wasn’t unexpected.  There was even talk, prior to the election, that he could have had it called earlier if he had picked up North Carolina.  The Liberal Crab’s Poll of “Poll of Polls” was relatively accurate.  It predicted a 52% to 45% victory.  The actual election appears will finish at 52% to 46%.  The model predicted a 347 Electoral Vote margin for Obama, right now he’s at 349.  Although is total may got higher (and it looks like probably by 26).  However, my ‘gut’ projections were mixed.  I projected a 52% to 45% popular vote.  But my Electoral College projection was off.  I guess, next time, I will trust the polls.

The moment Obama was announced as the 44th President, the World changed for me.  It truly did.  I felt the shackles that bound us to poor policy and poor reputation had been cast aside.  I felt hope that I didn’t realize had been dormant for eight years.  I saw hope for my children that I didn’t realize I was neglecting.  This is an exaggeration or insincere grandeur.  I actually felt these things.  This morning, my hope had increased so much further.

The work ahead for Obama is tough and he needs to start Today.  I firmly believe that he has a unique opportunity that hasn’t existed since President Kennedy.  He is a sitting U.S. Senator.  He can go back to Congress, introduce legislation, rally the Senate, and make policy decisions.  He could conceivably co-author a stimulus bill (just for kicks – Obama-McCain Stimulus Bill) and then sign it on 20 January or really pressure the Bush administration to sign it.  This is an opportunity for the President-Elect to make a big impact.  He also needs to put his full cabinet together as soon as possible.  With the significant majorities for the Democrats in the House and Senate, he will have no trouble getting them confirmed and so, even prior to their nomination, they can start laying out agendas without risk that they will not be confirmed.  Finally, I believe it is important that he starts building relationships within Congress and beyond to the international community.


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