Random Thoughts During McCain’s Speech

Talking about political outsiders? Saying Washington changed those who came there.  So who does that affect more – those with 26 years of Senate experience or those with 4 years. Hmmm….

Wait – praise Obama and then attack him?

does anyone really believe the rhetoric?  Obama will raise taxes, limit businesses, create poor health insurance?  Really.  Apparently Obama can’t do absolutely anything right.

Ah..now he gets into the heart of it. Reducing the 2nd highest tax rate (that’s my rate).  But doesn’t mention helping the lower income – oh wait…there is the trickle down economics thought.

Funny – fact checking said his plan would raise taxes too – nearly as much as Obama.  That’s not what he’s saying though.

From the Daily Kos: “And as John McCain’s speech enters its 10th hour, it can be said that we’ve learned a lot tonight. He was a POW. He is a maverick. And Sarah Palin can kill a moose with her bare hands. The only thing we don’t know is whether he used Max Factor or Revlon.”

Really? Does Obama REALLY wants schools to answer to ‘entrenched bureacrats’?  Hmmm…ok.  Man – Obama is evil.

Wait – is he campaigning againts Bush or Obama.  I mean he wants to reduce sending money overseas.  Last time I checked, it’s at the President’s request.

Man – the Republicans can’t wait to drill holes all over the Country.  Fortunately…he won’t have any more success than his predecessor had. Why? BECAUSE HE CAN’T MAKE LAW.

So I am curious…do the Republicans really not care about ANY facts? I thought McCain was a moral character.

more from Daily Kos Live blog: “McCain says (paraphrasing), “We’re going to stop sending $700 billion a year to countries who don’t like us.” Unsaid…because we can’t afford it with the $12 billion a month we’re spending in Iraq.

And now the GOP faithful are going crazy because they’re going to drill for oil in St. Paul. Whoo hoo!”

He talks accountability – is that part of the Keating 5 participation?

Ok…I know he is a war hero..but he spends way too much time on that. Seriously…that means nothing about how good a president he will be.

ahaha – “Is it…could it be…is he finally winding this thing down?  Oh wait…it’s time to remind everyone that he was a POW. Thank God he’s gotten over not wanting to talk about it. Which makes you wonder, if he wasn’t ever a POW, this convention would have been over in 10 minutes.” another Daily Kos comment