McCain’s Foreign Policy Adviser – Sarah Palin

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Umm, yeah – from Politco:

John McCain said Wednesday that he has turned to Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin for advice on foreign policy issues “many times in the past.”

“She has the world view that I have and is very highly qualified and very knowledgeable,” McCain said during an interview on NPR.

“I’ve turned to her for advice many times in the past, I can’t imagine turning to Senator [Barack] Obama or Senator [Joe] Biden because they’ve been wrong,” the Arizona senator said of his running mate. “I certainly wouldn’t turn to them, and I’ve already turned to Governor Palin particularly on energy issues and I’ve appreciated her background and knowledge on that and many other issues.”

Seriously?  I mean, it’s one thing to defend your running mate. However, I really didn’t think McCain was so out of touch with reality that he would lie and say he uses her as a foreign policy adviser.   This means one of two things – either he is so out of touch he doesn’t realize how pathetic her foreign policy knowledge is or he is so out of touch as to what the electorate thinks of her.  I mean, its a bit of a stretch even in her defense, to claim she’s a foreign policy adviser.