Sarah Palin! The Jokes Already are Rolling in – Updatd 9/4


As I was reading blogs, news, and comments about Palin being chosen by McCain – some funny jokes presented themselves in these articles.  I will keep this list updated when I read something:: 

another during McCain speech:”And now McCain is going after Russia. Thank God for Sarah Palin holding them off at the Bering Straight for these past two years. If it wasn’t for her, we’d all be drinking vodka and wearing sable…hey, wait a minute.” (Daily Kos)

during McCain’s speech: “And as John McCain’s speech enters its 10th hour, it can be said that we’ve learned a lot tonight. He was a POW. He is a maverick. And Sarah Palin can kill a moose with her bare hands. The only thing we don’t know is whether he used Max Factor or Revlon.” – (Daily Kos)

Jeebus, I want my President to have studied hard, done well at school, hopefully have at least 1 graduate degree and to be able to string complex, polysyllabic sentences together.McCain/Palin: “Vote for us. We’re dumb like you”.” (Salon)

 ”Dear Democratic women: please pretend our VP candidate is Hillary Clinton. Just forget that she’s pro-life. And against most things Democrats stand for.” (Huffington Post) 

“Gov Palin, I worked with Dan Quayle, I served with Dan Quayle, despite our differences Dan Quayle was a friend of mine. Gov Palin you are no Dan Quayle” (in the New Republic) 

“Just two years ago she was merely the mayor of a town that makes Mayberry look like a metropolis” (in the Washington Post)

“It’s 3am, the phone rings.  Startled, McCain drops dead of a heart attack. Palin must answer the phone.” (I believe in Salon). 

ok – not a traditional joke..but very funny regardless:

Larry Kudlow of CNBC’s “Kudlow & Co.” asked her about the possibility of becoming McCain ticket mate.
Palin replied: “[A]s for that V.P. talk all the time, I’ll tell you, I still can’t answer that question until somebody answers for me what is it exactly that the V.P. does every day? I’m used to being very productive and working real hard in an administration…”  (Daily Kos)

“Does this mean that Cheny would remain as the “Assistant to the VP”?  (Daily Kos…tip of the hat to The Office”)

“The oldest president elect selects a 44 yr old beauty queen with city council experience to negotiate with Putin.” (Salon)  

“Palin’s man could star in next season’s Deadliest Catch. I love her qualifications: she hunts! She fishes! She’s shoots moose (meese?)! Her husband is a world-class snomobiler! She’s in the NRA! (Salon)