Seems like he can Talk Foreign Policy

Before the official announcement he was going to run, before he had others write his information – he comes across articulate, relatively in-tune with the issues and environment.  Certainly Biden could, McCain could, but Palin??  Obama is an intelligent man..this is just one example:


Comment from an Independent

Coming out of Sarah’s speech, I was wondering what independents thought. Clearly, she was going to be and ended up being a hit for the Conservative base.  But the negativity, the ‘drill drill drill’ chant, pro-abortion babble, and lack of any true knowledge made me curious as to whether she would affect any other affiliations.  Well, I didn’t think it work with Democrats who are very enchanted with their pick. So, how would independents fair. This doesn’t represent more than this one person…but it’s what I suspect many feel after last night.  This comment comes from a Huffington Post reader:

“There is something wrong with Americans who bought that and buy her. She stands up there spouting she is against insider Washington — she is not one of “them” and yet, who wrote her speech? Who will be her trainers in Republican Divisive Tactics Bootcamp 101?

Certainly it will be those very same insiders she claims not to be like or part of.

20 Years ago while Barak Obama was helping people find jobs and become self-sufficient the Republican Candidate for VP was a contestant in a Beauty Contest.

I’m no Alaskan Hockey Mom but I’m a bit more intelligent than the media and the Republican Party believe me to be. I don’t make my decisions about who I vote for based on a scripted commercial starring a middle aged Pretty Lady.

I’m a registered Independent who always planned to vote for Barak Obama but this morning, I made my first donation (despite not really being able to afford to do so because of the mess the current Republican Administration has made of the economy) and plan becoming more active in the Obama/Biden campaign.”