Random Return Thoughts

11:00 President Barack Hussein Obama

10:06 – Zzzzzzzz.  We are now in the Top of the 9th of a baseball game where the home team is ahead 12-0.  What’s left?

9:20 – Fox News is reporting NM to Obama!

9:18 – The idea of an African American President is starting to dawn on me and it is slightly emotional to see our country do this.  A year ago I would never have even thought it possible.

9:10 – Carville/Begala calling Florida for Obama, CNN is not.

9:06 – No Bradley Effect! Definitely proven not to be an issue.  Bill Bennett, a Republican, agrees with that.  WOW.  This is a big BIG deal.

9:00 – Night is going exactly has planned so far. BTW, don’t get to high or too low when it comes to EV count.  Obama will not get California’s vote until the end of the night.  Really, until he is above 250, the race hasn’t started.

8:26 – Great news with the pick up of Dole’s seat to Kay Hagan.  CBS makes the call

8:16 – Yeah.  Kerry wins his seat!

8:12 NH, another McCain hope called by ABC for Obama.  ABC now has called PA.  It’s falling into place as Obama needed.

8:08 Intrade way down now.  MSNBC calling PA for Obama.  Becareful!  They may recind.  CNN won’t call – neither will anyone else.  Things are looking a little better.

7:45 My intial gut is telling me, based on the exit polls and early returns – this is closer than we may have thought.  However, Indiana is showing well for Obama!


One Response

  1. My hope and dreams for a better future for my children and my grandchildren were realized tonight when Barack Obama won the presidency of the United States. His speech left me speechless, which is really something for me.

    Watching him on stage with Biden and his beautiful family was breathtaking. I said to my husband, “do you believe what we are seeing?”

    Listening to our future president tonight brought tears to my eyes, and they’re still there as I write this at 12:53 in the morning.

    Finally, there is real hope that are children will see a better future. Finally, we have a president we can all be proud of.

    God Bless President Barack Obama!

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