Head’s Up – Voters…Pay Attention

There are some very dirty tricks going on out in the nation’s electorate. One I keep hearing about Today is the phony Virginia fliers, stating election day is November 5th – the day after the real election.

Please PLEASE PLEASE – pay attention. Review my Voter’s Guide before heading to the polls. The GOP is playing a lot of games that border on the edge of being legal and certainly are already unethical.

If you see anythng suspect – report it!


Is Virginia a cooked Goose?

Per Politico:

Good Tuesday morning. The Republican National Committee buys TV time in deep-red MONTANA and WEST VIRGINIA, a sign the party is scrambling to stave off a historic landslide a week from today. “Tough environment,” one Republican official says sardonically. The McCain campaign has not officially given up on VIRGINIA but a top official concedes it is LOST, while maintaining that a PENNSYLVANIA miracle can still get Senator McCain to 270. He and Governor Palin will be there repeatedly before Election Day. But should they also be shoring up Nevada, now a must-win?

They basically conceded Colorado yesterday and Today it is Virginia.  Without Virginia, they need Pennsylvania and Nevada – and carry all the other Bush states (except Iowa).  This would include where they are behind in North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Missouri, etc.  Basically – all eyes are fully on PA. I believe McCain/Palin have about 5 or six rallies in PA today.  Considering they were averaging 2 rallies a week up until this weekend, that is a lot.  Obama is back in PA today also.