McCain – Senility or Ignorance

This *should* get some major play by the media today. It appeared Senator McCain last night did not know who the Prime Minster of Spain was when asked on a Spanish speaking radio station interview.

This is a link form Talking Points Memo which is taking the lead on the story: (note – it is a left wing blog). But over on the left side of my blog is a link to another article, more extensive, by Time Magazine.

It’s tough to fully understand what McCain was thinking and the McCain campaign will say that he knew exactly what the interviewer was asking and his answer is consistent with the question. McCain did do an adequate job diverting his response and covering his basis for his ‘defense’ to come. But, it’s relatively obvious to most he doesn’t know or remember the name of the leader of Spain.

This, of all his gaffs, may be his worst. The economy gaff, while major, doesn’t compare to not knowing the foreign leaders he will be working with. This is especially true of someone who wants to be considered the best choice for foreign policy. At the very least, he probably hurt himself with Latin voters.

One begins to wonder if this is a sign of what’s to come with McCain. He’s the oldest candidate running for President and the very long days and extended length of the campaign may be taking a toll on him. The misstatements seems to be increasing. The next thing to watch for is for him to lose his ‘famous’ temper. I truly wonder if this is a exhaustion issue. Senator McCain does know who Prime Minister Zapatero is, since he talked about working with him – back in April. So McCain has two choices – admit some senility or simple ignorance. Neither choice is good.