Thank You

I have created this blog out of love of politics, as well as the care and concern I have for this Country.  I truly mean that.  Every four years we here the old cliche come out – “This is the most important election in a generation”.  As long as I have been following campaigns closely (for me, that is Dukkais/Bush in 1988), I have heard that mantra.  And while in 1988 it was the Cold War or 1992 and the economy or 1996/2000 and taking the Country into the 21st century or 2004 and dealing with the war and the exploding deficit, this is election is truly the most important in our generation lifetime.

We are a Country facing two wars, a slow economy, tremendous debt, global warming, and our reputation around the World.  To add to these issues, we now have a financial crisis, and this is not understating it, that truly can rip at the fabric and stability of our economy and way of life.  This election is indeed our most important.

I am passionate about the direction the Democrats and Barack Obama will take America.  My intent is to provide hope that the future we want is attainable, insight and talking points to demonstrate to indepedents that Obama is the right choice, and inspiration and guidance to faciliate action by those who are as passionate about our future and where we should go as a nation.

But the purpose of this blog is to say – Thank you!  Thank You to those who have taken an interest in my blog.  While the LIberal Crab’s readership is still small, it is steadily growing each day – much to my suprise.  I hope my commentary has made you think and advocate.  Please pass on ideas, questions, and suggestions to me.  Finally, please pass on this website to others who may enjoy it or still trying to make a decision on who to vote for in this election.  EVERY VOTE COUNTS!